Tonight, my short film "The Red Dress" will be screening at Mears Park in Downtown Saint Paul as part of the 'Music in Mears' series. The weekly summer series features some of the best music and art in the state, and draws hundreds of people at each event. It's an honor to have a screening in my home city of Saint Paul. Over the past few years, Mears Park has become the new hotspot of the Twin Cities. It has drawn in high-profile restaurants, lush gardens, and a lightrail station. I hope some of my friends and family can report back to about the screening as I will be unable to attend.
Over the weekend, "The Red Dress" snagged its first two awards. They were from the L.A. Neo Noir II Film Festival. The awards were 'Best Actor' for Nathan Tymoshuk and 'Best Actress' for Ladonna Craelius. We are very proud of them both. The awards have been added to the project's website HERE.
I received word earlier this week my short film, “The Red Dress” was chosen to screen at the 2014 L.A. Neo Noir II Film Fest in downtown Los Angeles, CA later this month.

It's exciting to have a screening in Los Angeles. This marks the second festival presence for this film. The first was back in October of 2013 at the Twin Cities Film Fest.  

In a field that is so drenched in rejection, it’s great to have any win, big or small. I am so very proud of this project and all the cast and crew that helped to make it.

On a side note, my other short film “Geeky Pheebs: An Ideal Man” will screen the same day at Gen Con Indy. Serendipity!

For my fellow filmmakers, please consider Film Freeway for your festival submissions. I find it much easier to use than Without a Box.

Still from "The Red Dress."