Both of my short films "The Red Dress" and "Geeky Pheebs: An Ideal Man" have been selected to screen at the first annual 'On the Line' film festival in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The festival runs August 5-9 and will take place at the Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul. It's an honor to have both films selected to play. For more information about the festival, please visit their website HERE

I'll post more details about the screening date and time when it becomes available. Thanks to all the cast and crew of these films.

For more information about these films you can visit their individual websites: The Red Dress & Geeky Pheebs: An Ideal Man
So I have just assembled a new directing reel for myself.  It's been a while since the last one.  While putting this together, I was forced to realize just how much work I have done. Sometimes, time makes you forget such things.  I must say, I am quite proud of the work on it, as it shows that I am comfortable with diverse talent and subject matter. Hopefully this will aid my career as the current buzzword in the industry is "diversity."  Here's a list of everything you'll find on this reel in this order. Enjoy and feel free to share!
  • The Red Dress - Short Film
  • Danza Con Migo - Music Video
  • Minnesota Legit - Product Video
  • Academia Cesar Chavez - Bilingual Corporate
  • Lush: Zero Waste Week - Internal Corporate
  • NIDEC - Documentary
  • Jantastic 2015 - Live Event
This past weekend, I traveled down to San Diego for "Jantastic" presented by the San Diego Derby Dolls.  It was there to direct the webcast over the two-day tournament. The last time I was there was in June for the "Battle on the Bank" tournament.

It was so great to work with a well-run and professional operation like the Derby Dolls and with such great people like Isabelle Ringer and Amber Alert! It was also nice to see a lot of familiar faces from roller derby community from players to announcers.
Me in the production booth, switching. Photo by: Amber Alert!
PictureTunnel vision. Photo by: Me
I'd like to thank my camera ops, announcers, and the SDDD staff for putting on a great production. I'd also like to thank all the skaters from all around the country that displayed great talent and incredible skill throughout the entire weekend. Also, congratulations to the "My Little Ponies" team that claimed 1st place.

I hope the games will be available online soon, until then, enjoy the championship  game that I directed from the BOTB tournament in June of 2014. The bout is between the Los Angeles Derby Dolls Ri-ettes and the Arizona Derby Dames Hot Shots.

Tomorrow marks the end of the 2014 LA Derby Dolls season and I will be the directing the action in the video booth.
It has been a lot of fun working with the league this year and I hope to continue in 2015.  The championship features the Tough Cookies against the Sirens and it should be a bout to remember.

If you are in the LA area come check it out at 1910 W. Temple.

You can buy tickets HERE

My hiatus from directing derby won't be long as I am scheduled to direct the "Jantastic" tournament next month in San Diego hosted by the San Diego Derby Dolls.
I have been selected to participate in the 2014 Transatlantic Talent Lab at the Reykjavik International Film Fest in Iceland. It is a unique opportunity for me to sharpen my directing and producing skills and meet some of the world's top filmmaking talent. The main focus of the lab is to help emerging filmmakers transition from making shorts into making features. I am very excited to visit Iceland. I have been a fan of Bjork since I was a teenager and I always wanted to see the landscape of her countless music videos. It always looked like such a magical and beautiful place on television.

This was a bit of an unexpected expense, so I am having a fundraiser to help me on my travels. You can find out more HERE
Tonight, my short film "The Red Dress" will be screening at Mears Park in Downtown Saint Paul as part of the 'Music in Mears' series. The weekly summer series features some of the best music and art in the state, and draws hundreds of people at each event. It's an honor to have a screening in my home city of Saint Paul. Over the past few years, Mears Park has become the new hotspot of the Twin Cities. It has drawn in high-profile restaurants, lush gardens, and a lightrail station. I hope some of my friends and family can report back to about the screening as I will be unable to attend.
Over the weekend, "The Red Dress" snagged its first two awards. They were from the L.A. Neo Noir II Film Festival. The awards were 'Best Actor' for Nathan Tymoshuk and 'Best Actress' for Ladonna Craelius. We are very proud of them both. The awards have been added to the project's website HERE.
I cruised over to the LA Neo Noir II Film Fest's website and saw this cool graphic promoting the event. My short film "The Red Dress" will screen tomorrow at the festival. I wish good luck to all my fellow filmmakers and artists this weekend at both the LA Neo Noir II Film Fest and the Gen Con Film Fest in Indianapolis.
I received word earlier this week my short film, “The Red Dress” was chosen to screen at the 2014 L.A. Neo Noir II Film Fest in downtown Los Angeles, CA later this month.

It's exciting to have a screening in Los Angeles. This marks the second festival presence for this film. The first was back in October of 2013 at the Twin Cities Film Fest.  

In a field that is so drenched in rejection, it’s great to have any win, big or small. I am so very proud of this project and all the cast and crew that helped to make it.

On a side note, my other short film “Geeky Pheebs: An Ideal Man” will screen the same day at Gen Con Indy. Serendipity!

For my fellow filmmakers, please consider Film Freeway for your festival submissions. I find it much easier to use than Without a Box.

Still from "The Red Dress."
A few months back, I came across what is called a video portrait. I was fascinated  by the concept and wanted to try it out. I had recently been reacquainted with my actress friend Tristin Lee Rupp from Minnesota at her birthday party in the Valley.

We had briefly chatted at the party and made plans to meet up for coffee to catchup properly. Realizing that coffee was a boring for a couple of young talented artists, I suggested that we meetup and try to do a video portrait. We met in the Griffith Park area and tried a few locations and takes before settling on the location I eventually went with.

After this, my battery died and we called it a day. I forgot all about until I was cleaning up my card. Always liking to finish what I start, I did some post, added music and finalized the project. After I completed it, I once again became interested in the concept. I hope to try more of these in the future.

What happens at around the :45 mark was an unintended but delightful surprise. I must say, sometimes I just get lucky. Props to Tristin for holding her composure. Also, congrats to Tristin for her guest star spot on the CBS show "Criminal Minds."