It's been a while since I've posted. It has honestly been a whirlwind since my last post about the AFF. Since then, I have been writing a lot, taking on some side projects and following up with some other exciting opportunities that have come my way.

Also, in the past few months since posting, the anthology my short story was published in was released by Ghost Stories Ink. It seems like just yesterday that the Ghost Stories Inc crew were out here in LA and now, a year later, the have their first anthology.

It's so cool to be a part of something like this and was honored to be asked by Jessica Freeburg to submit. The book features some really great stories by some talented writers including Jay Asher. It has one review so far on Amazon and that one is 5 stars! I promise it wasn't anyone's mom that wrote it. Sadly, I had to miss the release party in Saint Paul, MN back in November, but Jessica told me that the venue was packed and every copy on hand sold out. You can rustle up a copy in paperback or print HERE.  

Another project that has been keeping me busy is building a website for a new soccer product called Toe Jam Wax, for a client through my commercial production company Stemless Media. It's been fun helping them launch this cool product to help soccer players on the field of play. You can see the site at HERE and buy some if you're a player of the sport.

I've also been doing some work over at GeekyPheebs.com with my partner on that project Ruth Tjornhom. So look for some news about that coming soon!

Toe Jam Wax Stills

Over on the website for my transmedia project "Geeky Pheebs," we've got a blog up and running.  So far, we're calling it "Phoebe's Playhouse." The articles are written by myself and project co-writer Ruth Tjornhom  and are written in the voice of the Phoebe character.

It has proven to be a good exercise at not only writing in a character's voice but also in defining that character's voice. We've had it up for nearly two months now and are on a schedule of posting every Wednesday. So far, we have been building an audience from week to week and we are very pleased with the progress we have been making.

If you like all things geek culture, check out the blog HERE.
A while back, Kevin Ott from the Writers Guild Foundation asked me to do a guest write-up on their blog.  I was to write about one of the top 101 screenplays from the WGA's member voted list.  I chose "Thelma and Louise" as I had never seen the film and am a big Ridley Scott fan.  It got posted about two week ago now and I am happy to re-post it here.  I hope I can get the chance to do another one soon. 

You can find the post HERE