A few days ago, I got the news that two of my spec scripts got 'Second Rounder' status at this year's Austin Film Festival Teleplay and Screenplay competition. 'Second Rounder' status represents the top 15% of all the scripts they receive. Even though I didn't get semi-finalist status, I feel it is a big accomplishment as I 'Second Rounded' twice in two different categories. This shows a diversity in ability and a tenacity in my writing discipline. The 'Second Rounder' status was given to me for the following scripts in these categories:

Teleplay One-Hour Spec:

Arrow: Oliver's a Deadman
Teleplay Sitcom Spec:
Brooklyn Nine Nine: Chicken?

For more information on all the 'Second Rounders' and 'Semi-Finalists' Click HERE to go to the Austin Film Festivals website. I wish congratulations to all the 'Second Rounders' and good luck to all the 'Semi-Finalists.'
I have been selected to participate in the 2014 Transatlantic Talent Lab at the Reykjavik International Film Fest in Iceland. It is a unique opportunity for me to sharpen my directing and producing skills and meet some of the world's top filmmaking talent. The main focus of the lab is to help emerging filmmakers transition from making shorts into making features. I am very excited to visit Iceland. I have been a fan of Bjork since I was a teenager and I always wanted to see the landscape of her countless music videos. It always looked like such a magical and beautiful place on television.

This was a bit of an unexpected expense, so I am having a fundraiser to help me on my travels. You can find out more HERE