I was taking pictures this week and snapped this one of the famous Griffith Observatory. It was quite far away and my telephoto lens isn't the greatest, so I was pleased to get this clear shot around sunset. I have yet to go there, but hope to soon.
Tonight, my short film "The Red Dress" will be screening at Mears Park in Downtown Saint Paul as part of the 'Music in Mears' series. The weekly summer series features some of the best music and art in the state, and draws hundreds of people at each event. It's an honor to have a screening in my home city of Saint Paul. Over the past few years, Mears Park has become the new hotspot of the Twin Cities. It has drawn in high-profile restaurants, lush gardens, and a lightrail station. I hope some of my friends and family can report back to about the screening as I will be unable to attend.
Over the weekend, "The Red Dress" snagged its first two awards. They were from the L.A. Neo Noir II Film Festival. The awards were 'Best Actor' for Nathan Tymoshuk and 'Best Actress' for Ladonna Craelius. We are very proud of them both. The awards have been added to the project's website HERE.
I cruised over to the LA Neo Noir II Film Fest's website and saw this cool graphic promoting the event. My short film "The Red Dress" will screen tomorrow at the festival. I wish good luck to all my fellow filmmakers and artists this weekend at both the LA Neo Noir II Film Fest and the Gen Con Film Fest in Indianapolis.
Today marks the beginning of Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN. It's the world's largest gaming convention expecting over 60,000 people this year. Over the years, it has morphed into something much bigger than just gaming, similar to Comic Con which has grown beyond comic books.

It's a day for celebration as my short film "Geeky Pheebs: An Ideal Man" will be screening at the con during their annual film festival. It will be the world premiere for the film as well. I am so proud of all the cast and crew of the film for this great achievement.

Furthermore, we received word late last week, that due to to the strength of our promo/trailer, the film will be shown in the main room as well. That means we will get two showings for the price of one. Truly exciting news.

A huge thank you to the wonderful and talented Cindi Rice for believing in our film and project.

Whether we win anything or not, we consider the extra screening a huge win, as we need as many eyes on the Geeky Pheebs project as we can get.

We have spruced up the Geeky Pheebs website as Ruth Tjornhom and I continue to build Phoebe's story world.

Sadly, due to a scheduling conflict, we well not be attending the con, but we wish for a successful event and good luck to our fellow filmmakers including Elliot Diviney who will be screening his feature film Potpourri at the convention. 
I so rarely get to use my DSLR these days. I have been spending so much time to my writing efforts that my passion for photography has fallen a bit by the wayside. I do have an Instagram account and use my mobile phone's camera, but it's a poor substitute for the real deal. On Monday night of this week, I saw the 'super moon' in the sky. I rushed out to take a picture of it, but by the time I got all set up, it was a little too late.
Monday night.
Last night I decided to plan ahead. I got the camera all ready, and waited. And waited. Then waited some more. The moon never came. So I called it a night and went inside. While I was waiting, I enjoyed the blueness of the sky, so I snapped a few pictures for fun. Blue is my favorite color, so I couldn't resist. When I was reviewing the images later, I liked how this one turned out.
Tuesday night.
It was good feeling to have exercised my photography muscle the past two nights. With results like this, I may do it more often. I've never really done landscapes, but I'd like to get more practice.
This past Saturday, I volunteered for camera duty at the LA Derby Dolls’ Baby Doll Brawl.  The Baby Doll Brawl was a special event to showcase the fresh meat skaters. It was an entertaining bout to watch. New skaters always skate with just a little more passion and drive as they have something to prove. I can relate to that as I try to claw my way into the professional entertainment industry.

It was a close bout that saw the Bad Hatters take the win. It has been a while since I’ve held a camera and shot derby, I think close to a year and a half. It was nice to hold the camera and shoot some roller derby action. I was a little rusty but was able to shake off the cobwebs and capture some but hits. I’ll look into retrieving the files to share here but for now, just enjoy the still frame.

My complements to all the fresh meat skaters, you all were wonderful on the track and provided me with the best bout I have seen yet at the Doll Factory. Congrats on your achievement of making it to the Baby Doll Brawl and good luck with your roller derby careers.

If you are in the LA area, check out the LA Derby Dolls at the Doll Factory in historic Filipinotown. Their home season starts next month.

A few weeks ago, I posted a video on my blog about a couple glass blowers. One of them was artist Mark Floyd. I was saddened to learn last month, that at age 39, he passed away while waiting for a lung transplant.

Mark was a fantastic artist, a good guy to talk to and always had a positive vibe around the studio. I know he will be missed around the Stone Arch Glass Studio. When I heard the news, I went through my archives to try to find all the raw video and pictures I could of him and his artwork to give to his young son. During my time at Dana International, I had amassed a great deal of footage and pictures of many of the artists and their work.

I figured, when his son became an adult, he might appreciate it. While collecting the footage, I figured I would make a tribute video as well for a benefit event to celebrate Mark's life. Below, is the finished product. I know Mark enjoyed Hip Hop, Rock and Reggae but, I wanted a tone that was a little more timeless as I made it for his son. It was a difficult decision to pick a tone and I hope I made the right decision. 

This Saturday, August 9th, 2014 Stone Arch Glass Studio will be hosting a benefit for Mark's son. If you are in the Twin Cities area, please consider attending. You can find more info HERE.